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Roof Lights or Skylights

These high-performance, non-opening skylights are triple glazed with 6mm toughened, self-cleaning glass. The units are high-quality, low-maintenance and provide exceptional heat insulation, light transmission and noise reduction. Fixed flat skylights offer you an easy and stylish way to introduce more daylight into your living area.

Hinged opening rooflights feature a chain actuated mechanism, operated by a wall-mounted rocker switch.  The unit provides exceptional ventilation for hot rooms and comes with a rain sensor, which closes the window if it rains. Sliding flat rooflights are designed to provide maximal daylight and ventilation.

The flat roof-windows have a minimal aluminium frame, which maximises the size of the window area to let in more natural light. A classic design with clean lines makes the windows suitable for properties old and new. Units are triple-glazed as standard with 6mm toughened safety glass. They feature two 16mm, argon-filled cavities separated by a foam spacer. This structure is designed to improve thermal insulation, reducing both heat loss and noise pollution.

The self-cleaning glass units feature UV-blocking technology that prevents fading to keep your colours and fabrics fresh. An optional opaque finish can ensure your privacy if your property is overlooked.

Whatever type of roof light you need, we can find the perfect light for you.