Plantation shutters

What are plantation shutters? They actually originated in the pre civil war era and were louvered panels which were fixed either on the inside or outside of doors and windows.  This type of shutter is available in painted wood, hardwood and can be waterproofed for shower rooms, bathrooms or swimming pool areas.

How do Plantation Shutters Help With Your Heating Bills?

Plantation shutters or solid shutters will help to insulate your home from the cold by reducing the loss of heat through the window glass. When the shutters are closed, you are providing an extra layer of wood between the window and the inside air. Sold shutters are especially effective in your bedroom at night. As an added benefit, you are getting a good night’s sleep by blocking our any external light or noise. 

How Do They Help With Security?

With either solid or plantation shutters, you can close them at night and provide privacy from the outside world.  They are also a deterrent for an outside intruder as they provide another layer that would be needed to break through.  During the day, shutters can be opened to provide the warm of the sun and provide needed natural light.

Because you can adjust the position of plantation shutters, you have the best of all worlds.  When you need the light, simply adjust the louvers accordingly.  This will allow the light to stream into your home while still blocking the view of an outside intruder.


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