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Standard Windows – uPVC, Wood and Metal

There are three main types of window frames to consider, all on display at our shop in Greenford. But if you don’t have time to pop in, here’s a guide to there advantages.

uPVC windows are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. Apart from the odd wipe down with soapy water every now and then, once your replacement windows are installed you won’t have to worry about treating them like you do with certain wooden varieties of windows that can swell and rot. uPVC windows will never need to be painted, is an extremely thermally efficient material and can provide your home with greater heat insulation than aluminium and wood windows can. For a modern home that consists of many modern fittings and features, uPVC is likely to be your best option as it will maintain the style of the property. Perhaps one of the main reasons that so many people opt for uPVC windows is that they are usually cheaper to buy than aluminium and wood windows.

Wood windows are more versatile than uPVC and aluminium windows. In being able to paint, varnish and make wood windows any size and colour that you want, you have greater freedom over the style and overall look of your home with windows that are made from wood. Wood windows arguably look more refined, sophisticated and ‘tasteful’ than uPVC windows and aluminium options. If your home is an old, traditional and rustic property then opting for wood windows will help retain your home’s character and appeal. As wood is considered to be a sustainable building material because it is derived from a renewable source, installing wood windows will mean you are diminishing your carbon footprint more than if you opt for uPVC windows.

Aluminium windows are structurally the strongest type of window and are much stronger than uPVC windows. In this sense, windows made from aluminium will not sag in the sash no matter how heavy the insulated glass is, unlike uPVC windows where this can sometime pose as a problem. As you can paint aluminium windows, similar to windows made from wood, you have greater freedom over the style of your window so that you can create a more defined look in your home.

Please see our online catalogue for a range of styles, call or pop into our shop for an on the spot estimate.