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Our approach is completely different. Each property is different and there are many opportunities on each house to change, improve or carefully reproduce the existing character.

Wells Glass is driven by skilled, experienced and highly trained glazers. And with so many different windows and doors, no installation is ever the same. Whether Aluminium, uPVC or timber windows we offer at least 4 different frame options for each material, different frame thicknesses and profile shapes to suit personal taste, budget and character of property.


Survey service 


Firstly we will have a brief consultation that will last as long as you want it to. We will visit your property & discuss with you the alternatives that will be suitable for your home and your budge. At this stage we can give an indication of costs but will need to spend time after preparing an accurate assessment with full breakdown of costs giving you visibility and control.



We understand that having done all the preparation, the installation, finishing detail and completion of your project is the most important stage of all. This will be taken care of by one of our own teams of highly trained and highly experienced craftsmen.


After sales service 

This is the area that most window companies are the least enthusiastic about. You have paid your bill and they are onto chasing new work. The reason we are growing from strength to strength after 39 years is that we look after our customers. More than 50% of our work comes from people recommending us or returning for additional work.

We have records of every single window and door that we have ever installed dating right back to 1978, ensuring that we are ready and organized to identify, replace or repair any item. We have traded without a break or name change for 39 years.

We guarantee that you should you entrust us with your project, you will be delighted with every aspect of the process, we look forward to being of service to you.



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